Unit Studies

Unit Study: Italy

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Let’s visit Italy! Italy is a special country to me because my great-great grandparents emigrated from Italy in the early 1900s. My great-grandmother, who lived to be 103, passed on the stories her parents told of their journey here. So let’s learn about this country. Land of artists and emperors and pasta and vineyards.

This is timed to correspond with Universal Yum’s Egypt snack box shipping on October 15th.

Please note that I have not screened all of these resources. Grade level is an approximation.

Preschool & Kindergarten

1st & 2nd Grade

3rd & 4th Grade

5th & 6th Grade

7th & 8th Grade

High School

Just for Fun & Adult

By Leah E. Good

Leah is first and foremost a born again daughter of God. She became a homeschool graduate in 2011 and finished a bachelors degree in Marketing in 2013. Her passions are writing and orphan care.

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